Bernardo Baquero Stand

Web Applications Developer

I love building stuff on The Web, and creating sounds with the guitar.

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About me

I'm Bernardo Baquero Stand, a 26-years-old web applications developer from Maracaibo, Venezuela, living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


I have 4+ years of experience with development of enterprise Java-based web applications, and as a Front-End developer. You can find out more about my experience on my LinkedIn profile, or better yet, just check out my resume.

Tools & Interests

I love creating applications based on Web technologies. I have worked with Knockout.js, Zepto, jQuery, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), GXT (GWT + ExtJS), CoffeeScript and vanilla JavaScript and CSS3 to build great products on the front-end. Lately interested in creating fine web experiences on mobile devices and tablets, and addicted to learning - always looking for new resources to learn and practice from.

Music is my life!

I am also a guitarist and music maker \m/ I love progressive rock, great melodies and epic songs. I have composed music and sounds for a couple of indie games, and some rocking stuff for other personal projects. Listen to some of the sounds I've made @ SoundCloud.

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