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Quickly toggle Dark Mode on macOS via Automator

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I like having a fast way to toggle Dark Mode, preferrably via the keyboard.
Turns out it's very simple to set this up without needing any third-party app:

  1. Open Included in macOS.
  2. Create new Application. Either via the initial popup or by going to File → New in the top menu.
  3. Find and add the "Change System Appearance" action. Either by double-clicking on it or dragging it into the right panel.
  4. Make sure the Change Appearance action is set to Toggle Light / Dark.
  5. Save the app as "Toogle Dark Mode" and put it in the Applications directory.

That's it! Opening this app will simply toggle Dark Mode immediately.

Combined with Spotlight (or Alfred) and you can quick-n-easy Dark Mode toggling via the keyboard.

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